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11 Contoh Narrative Text

Jika kalian sudah melihat pembahasan tentang Narrative Text di halaman sebelumnya, maka di sini kita akan menyajikan 11 contoh narrative text spesial untuk sobat Studio Literasi.

Yuk langsung cek aja 11 contoh Narrative Text singkat berikut ini.

Contoh Narrative Text Fable

Ini adalah beberapa contoh narrative text bertemakan hewan.

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  • The Hairless Puppy
  • The White Rabbit and the Turtle
  • The Ant and the Parrot
  • Sheep the Liar

1. The Hairless Puppy

Once upon a time in a small town, a mother of a dog gave birth to 5 little puppies. Four of the puppies had thick and soft white fur while the one puppy, the youngest, was hairless. It made him become the ugliest among others.

“Mommy let’s go out to the park,” the older puppy said.

“Come on, Mom, Come on!” followed by the other puppies.

Then, she took her children to the park. She wanted to teach the puppies how to bark. On the way to it, they met several people. They complimented the four puppies with white fur.

“How adorable they are!” a little girl said to her sister.

“These puppies have the most beautiful fur,” flattered an old man.

The four puppies were all happy receiving those compliments, but not for the youngest. He was sad because no one was showing fondness to him.

There were some families of dogs when they arrived at the park. They stared at the ugly puppy and started mumbling.

“What kind of puppy is that?”, one dog said.

“He has nothing to cover his skin,” another dog barked.

At first, the mother of the puppies did not care about what others said until it was the time to learn how to bark. The hairless puppy could not produce a bold voice to bark. His bark sounded like a rat. It attracted other dogs’ attention. They started to laugh, and shout, “You are not a dog. Dogs bark.”

The mother was embarrassed of her youngest. She decided to end the bark learning and went home. At home, she let out her emotions.

“Are you even my child? How can you not be able to bark? And where is your fur? You are hairless. You are different, you are not one of us,” shouted the mother to the hairless puppy.

At night, when the mother and the four brothers were sleeping, the hairless puppy ran away from home. He was sad knowing that became the one who made her mother upset.

He went to another town. It was raining, and he took shelter under a tree. He got hit a lot by dirty water when a car passed him.

It was raining harder when a car stopped by. An old woman approached and took him to the car.

“Oh baby, you are freezing. What a poor puppy,” she said while putting him into the blanket.

It came out that this old woman loved the hairless dog very much. She took good care of him until the hairless puppy became the hairless dog.

The hairless dog even won first place in a dog competition. It was because of his unique appearance.

Finally, the hairless dog found the one who truly loved him, and people also started to adore him.

Moral : Everyone has their own beauty. Being different does not make you ugly. It makes you unique.

2. The White Rabbit and the Turtle

One time, lived a white rabbit and a turtle. The white rabbit was very proud of himself. He often boasted of how fast he could run. He would laugh every time he saw the turtle walked.

“Ha ha ha you are so slow. I can’t even imagine myself walking at that speed ha ha ha,” mocked the white rabbit to the turtle.

“This is my highest speed. Can’t you see that I am running right now?” the turtle replied.

“Ha ha ha ha I cannot stop laughing. Ha ha ha ha I can run from this to the lake seven times and I am sure you won’t reach this tree yet, and you said you were running? Ha ha ha ha I should go home before I am dying of laughter”, said the white rabbit.

The next day, the rabbit came to the lake to drink some water. There, he met the turtle. He started to laugh, “Ha ha ha the slow walking! We meet again. Ha ha ha,”

“Oh, hi there,” answered the turtle who did not look excited to see the white rabbit. 

“Why do you come to the lake? It would take a year for you to go back home ha ha ha ha,” the white rabbit 

The turtle got an idea right after she heard what the rabbit said. She challenged the white rabbit to a race. The one who got home first will be the winner. The starting point was on the shore of the lake.

The white rabbit was surprised, but he accepted it.

“It starts from here to our house. If I arrive first, it means I am the winner,” explained the turtle to the rabbit.

“Impossible,” mumbling the white rabbit with a laugh.

“But, you should promise me you would stop making fun of me if I win the challenge,” continued the turtle.

“Stop talking about winning it. We all know who is going to be the winner. Me. Ha ha ha,” shouted the white rabbit.

The white rabbit finally agreed not to mock the turtle again if she won the race, and the race began. Other animals were there to see those two creatures competing.

As soon as the race began, the turtle pulled her head straight back to her shell. It ended the race. The winner was the turtle because she brought her house whenever and wherever she was.

The white rabbit was shocked and realized that he was being fooled. From this time, he would never make fun of the turtle ever again as he promised.

Moral of the story: Don’t be arrogant. Remember that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

3. The Ant and the Parrot

One hot day in the dry season, there was an ant seeking some water. She looked for it everywhere but found nothing. After a couple hours, the ant came to a spring. However, it was a little bit hard for her to reach the spring. She had to climb up a pile of rocks. Unfortunately, the ant slipped and fell into the water while she climbed. 

“Argh..help me, help me,” Cried the ant. 

A parrot saw the ant. He flew away to save her. He dropped a leaf and let the ant climb up there. After that, the parrot carried her away. 

“Thank you very much, Mr. Parrot for helping me. I could have sunk if you were not there,” said the ant.

The parrot smiled and put the ant to the ground safely, “See you.” He flew back to his place.

On the other day, the ant heard the sound of a gun shooting. She looked up to the sky and saw that the parrot was being hunted. She ran as fast as possible to the hunter. 

As the ant found the one who was shooting the parrot, she bit one of the hunter’s feet. The hunter dropped the gun because of the pain.

Finally the parrot was free and quickly flew to the save place.

Moral of the story: If you treat someone else good, good will come to you.

4. Sheep the Liar

In a small village, lived a group of sheep with soft and thick wool. They lived together peacefully on a farm.

It was winter, one of the sheep wanted to play but the other preferred to sleep. So, he came up with an idea to wake up all the sheep.

“Wake up!!! There’s a fox in our house!!!! Wake up!!!” shouted the one sheep.

The others, half-awake, fled in panic. The one sheep was laughing to see the crowd. 

“Why are you laughing?” asked the other sheep.

“Where is the fox? Meh….Meh…..Are we in danger? Should we run to the neighbour’s farm? Where is the fox?” bleating the group

The one fox told the group that there was not a fox and it was just him joking around. He could not stop laughing. The other sheep felt a great sense of relief because they were safe. Then, they went back to sleep.

On the other day, that one sheep felt bored. He wanted something fun and decided to do what he did yesterday. He screamed and acted like he just saw a fox behind the door. It frightened the other sheep. They were all pale. 

The one sheep started to laugh and while he opened the door.

“Look, no fox was here. You all just got fooled by me again. Ha ha ha,” said the one sheep.

“You are a liar. How could you do that?” the other sheep could not hold the anger.

The liar sheep kept laughing, and the group left him alone. They were angry and disturbed by him.

One night, the liar sheep wanted to get some fresh air. He went outside and ate the grass. Without him realizing, a fox was watching him from a distance. The fox planned to make the sheep as its prey. The liar sheep saw the fox, and he began to run to save his life.

“Help……Help me……..a fox was chasing after me. Help me…….,” cried the liar sheep.

The group in the house heard the liar sheep but they thought it was one of his lies. That was why they ignored him and no one was to save the liar sheep.

Moral of the story: You should not lie to anyone. People will not believe you once you lie to them.

Contoh Narrative Text Fairy Tale

Ini adalah beberapa contoh narrative text bertemakan dongeng.

  • Cinderella
  • Pinocchio the Puppet

1. Cinderella

Once upon a time, there was a kind girl named Cinderella. She lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters. The stepmother and sisters did not treat her well. She had to do all the housework from cooking the meals, cleaning the house, and watering the flowers. This poor girl did not have time for a rest. Once she had free time, the stepsisters would complain to the mother so Cinderella got scolded by her stepmother.

“Cinderella!!!! Go back to work!!! Can’t you see that our house is a total mess?” shouted the stepmother from the living room.

One day, the King and Queen held a ball. The purpose was to find a bride for the prince. It was big news for people in the town. They were all excited to be the part of the ball.

The two stepsisters and the mother had prepared pretty gowns to wear. Cinderella wanted to come, but they did not let her. They told her to stay at home and did the work as usual. 

“Why do you need to come? The price won’t even realize you were there,” said the stepmother to Cinderella.

“Mother, do I look great? My prince would melt to see me,” said the stepsister.

“That is my prince. He would choose me and marry me,” replied the other stepsister.

It’s time for the stepfamily to leave for the  party. They were laughing and happy, “Bye, Cinderella.”

“Bye…,” replied Cinderella sadly, “I wish I could go….,” she continued.

Not so long after she said that, a fairy appeared in front of her. Poof!

“Who are you?” asked Cinderella

“I am your Fairy Godmother, and here I am to grant your wish,” said the fairy.

The Fairy Godmother explained that she heard Cinderella’s wish. She had something nice for Cinderella to wear and would take her to the party with one condition. She had to go back to the house before 12 a.m. It is because after 12, she would turn into the ordinary Cinderella.

Cinderella promised to be home before 12, and she went off to the party by a carriage the fairy gave.

At the party, Cinderella got all eyes on her. 

“Who is her? She is so beautiful,” murmured people.

“Oh my God. I love her dress,” said other people.

The prince straight away came to her and asked her for dance, “I have not seen you before. Where do you live?”

“I live in the town,” Cinderella replied and smiled.

The prince fell in love with Cinderella. He was so happy to meet her. Cinderella enjoyed the moment that she forgot to look at the clock.

It was 12 a.m. when Cinderella remembered her promise. She ran as soon as she heard the sound of the clock, “Dong.”

“I must go,” said Cinderella to the prince.

“But the party is not over yet,” shouted the prince

“I can’t stay. Good bye,” replied Cinderella while running.

“What? I cannot hear you. Hey……..” the prince followed her from the back.

Cinderella ran as fast as possible that she left one of her glass shoes. The prince picked it up. He planned to look for the girl using this shoe because he did not have the time to ask her name.

The next day, the prince came to the town. He visited the house one by one. He asked the girl to try the glass shoe. The one who fitted in that shoe would be the girl he asked to dance last night, and he would ask her to be his bride.

After searching for a moment, the prince arrived at Cinderella’s house. The two stepsisters were excited to see the prince. They tried to place their foot in the glass shoe, but it did not fit. The prince asked the mother if there was anyone else in this house to try the shoe. The mother said no when Cinderella came out from her room.

“Maybe I should try,” said Cinderella.

Cinderella stepped up and tried the shoe. It came out the glass shoe fitted her perfectly. The prince was very happy to finally see his bride-to-be.

“Come with me to the castle, my bride,” said the prince

The prince and Ciderella went to the castle. The stepsisters were jealous and angry because it was Cinderella who got to marry the prince.

Moral of the story: Alway be kind no matter what, and believe that something good will happen.

2. Pinocchio the Puppet

Long time ago, there was an old carpenter named Gepetto who carved a puppet in the shape of a boy. This puppet is called Pinocchio. Gepetto wanted Pinocchio to be a living thing. A fairy heard his wish and fulfilled it.

“Pinocchio, I will turn you into a real boy. But, promise me you will be a good one. You have to respect Gepetto,” told the fairy to Pinocchio.

“I will be a good boy and respect Gepetto,” repeated Pinocchio.

The next day, Gepetto was joyful to see Pinocchio alive. He taught him to speak, walk, and read just like a human. After that, he studied at elementary school. However, he got bored of going to school everyday. He decided to go to a circus and it made him late to come home.

“Why do you come home so late, Pinocchio?” asked the carpenter

“I got a lot of assignments in school. I have to finish it with my friends,” answered Pinocchio.

However, Pinocchio’s nose grew longer indicating he was lying.

The next day, Pinocchio was kidnapped by the circus owner. The owner made Pinocchio as one of the performers because people loved to see a talking puppet. Gepetto worried about him and began to search for him anywhere. When he was looking for Pinocchio at the sea, a big wave smashed and a whale swallowed him.

Pinocchio finally escaped from the circus. He then heard that Gepetto the carpenter was swallowed by a whale. He directly went to the sea and got swallowed by the same whale. Pinocchio was happy to see the carpenter, and so did Gepetto. They both planned to go out from the whale’s stomach.

The whale sneezed because of the tickling, and both carpenter and Pinocchio got out and went home safely. From that day, Pinocchio turned into a real good boy.

Moral of the story: Be honest and respect your parents. Love them while they are here.

Contoh Narrative Text Legend

Ini adalah beberapa contoh narrative text bertemakan legenda.

  • Malin Kundang
  • Toba Lake (Danau Toba)

1. Malin Kundang

Once upon a time in a small village, lived a mother and his boy named Malin Kundang. Malin was a diligent son. His mother loved him so much.

One day, a big ship stopped by at the harbor near the village. They asked the villagers to join the company and work at the ship. Malin asked his mother to allow him to join the ship. The mother could not do anything but let him go. She actually wanted Malin to work near the village. 

“Do not forget me, Malin. I will miss you so much. Come to visit me sometimes, okay Son?”, asked the mother with teary eyes.

“Yes, mother. I will always remember you. I’ll be back with a wad of money in my pocket. I’ll buy you a new house, bigger than ours,” said Malin and hugged his mother.

Malin waved his mother from the ship. His mother waved back and cried.

Several years later, a big ship landed near the village. Malin’s mother came to check whether or not Malin was there. From a distance, she saw a man in bllack walked out the ship. He was holding hands with a woman who was his wife. That man was Malin, her son. 

“Malin, my son. I have missed you for every second in my life. After years, finally you come. Is she your wife?,” said the mother.

Malin looked at the mother but ignored her anyway. He was embarrassed to admit that the woman in front of him was his mother. He was afraid his wife would leave him if she knew he used to live in this village.

“Who are you? I do not know you. Stay away from me and my wife,” shouted Malin to his mother.

What Malin said to her broke her heart. She did not expect Malin to treat her this way. She got so angry and cursed him to become a stone. Suddenly, the sky turned into grey and the storm hit the island. 

Malin Kundang was filled with fear when he felt a strong wind. Then, he bowed to his mother to say sorry. However, before he could finish his apology, his body turned into a stone.

Moral of the story: Behave well to your mother. She is the one who gave birth to us.

2. Toba Lake (Danau Toba)

Once upon a time, in North Sumatra, lived a single man who liked to go fishing. His name was Toba.

One day when he went fishing, he caught a big golden fish. He pulled the fishing rod quickly. Surprisingly, the golden fish turned into a beautiful woman. He took her home and let her sleep there. Days had passed, Toba fell in love with the woman because of her beauty, and wanted to marry her. 

“I will marry you. But, you must promise me that you will not tell anyone that I was a fish, or something bad will happen,” said the woman to Toba.

Toba promised not to tell anybody about it. After that, they both got married and had a son. His name is Samosir.

One day, Toba went to the field to work. Somosir helped him to bring his lunch. However, Samosir was hungry at that time. So, he ate Toba’s lunch. Unfortunately, Toba found out what his son did. He got so angry and the cursed words came out from his mouth.

“Why did you eat my lunch? You son of a fish!” shouted Toba.

Samosir cried and went home. He asked his mother if what the father said was true or not. The mother did not answer the question, instead she told Samosir to run to the hill because a disaster was about to come. The mother was disappointed in her husband. He could not keep his words. Not so long after that, a big flood smashed that area. 

The mother turned into a golden fish again. That flood area formed a lake that was known as Toba Lake, and the son turned into an Island that was called Samosir island.

Moral of the story: A promise is something you need to keep. Once you break it, it breaks everything.

Contoh Narrative Text Folktale

Ini adalah beberapa contoh narrative text bertemakan cerita rakyat.

  • Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih
  • Timun Mas

1. Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih

One time in a small village lived a widow with two daughters. They were Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih. Bawang Putih was a stepdaughter. 

The widow did not treat Bawang Putih as well as she did to Bawang Merah. Bawang Merah and her mother made Bawang Putih as their slave. She did all the chores like cooking and cleaning. However, Bawang Putih never disobeyed what the mother and her sister told her to do. 

One Sunday, Bawang Putih went to the river bank to do the laundry. Accidentally, one of her mother’s shirts fell off to the river. She could not reach the shirt, so she followed the river flow hoping that the shirt would stick to stones.

The river flowed the shirt to a cage. She did not have any choices beside going in and took back the shirt. She was afraid that her mother would get angry if she did not bring back her shirt. At the cage, she met an old woman.

“What are you doing here?” asked the old woman to Bawang Putih.

“I am looking for my mother’s shirt. Is there any chance you see it?” Bawang Putih asked curiously.

“Yes. I have it in my bag. I will give it to you once you clean my cage,” replied the old woman.

Bawang Putih accepted the old woman’s request and started to clean the cage. It was easy for her because she did that every day at home. The old woman was satisfied by Bawang Putih’s work. Then, she gave back her mother’s shirt and offered her two pumpkins, a big and a small one. Bawang Putih chose the small pumpkin. The old woman told her to bring it home.

The mother was mad because Bawang Putih came home late. She even was more angry when Bawang Putih told the whole story. Then, she took the pumpkin and threw it to the floor. Shockingly, a lot of jewelry, gold, and diamonds came out from that small pumpkin. They were all surprised. The stepmother and Bawang Merah collected the gold, jewelry, and diamonds right away.

“What a fool! You should have brought the big one. Can you imagine how much gold was there?” screamed the greedy Bawang Merah to Bawang Putih.

The next day, Bawang Merah and her mother planned to do the same thing. They threw their clothes and went to the cage. There, they chose the big pumpkin expecting more gold. After that, they rushed back to the house and threw the pumpkin. However, instead of gold and jewelry, it was a snake that came out from it. Bawang Merah and her mother run to save her life while the snack kept trying to attack them.

Moral of the story: Do not be greedy. Be grateful for what you have now.

2. Timun Mas

Once upon a time, lived a spouse in a quiet village. They had been married for a long time but did not have children yet. They tried many ways to make the wife pregnant, but nothing worked. 

On a gloomy day, the wife went to the forest to get some wood.

“I would not feel lonely if I have a kid. My kid would have accompanied me anywhere,” said the wife to herself.

She sat on a rock and started to cry, “I did not ask for anything else. I just want a child.”

“Why are you crying, human?” greeted a giant to the wife.

The wife was shocked for a while, but then she told everything to the giant. She explained that she and her husband wanted to have a child so bad. The giant said that he could grant her wish. He could give her a baby girl but when the baby turned sixteen years old, the giant would take her back. The wife rashly agreed to the request.

The giant gave her a cucumber seed and told the wife to plant it in her yard. 

“There will be a baby inside the cucumber,” said the giant to the wife.

The wife went home and told everything to her husband. They did what the giant said.

The next morning, a cucumber grew. They cut it open and found a baby. The husband and wife could not believe what they saw. They took the baby and named her Timun Mas.

Days had passed, the baby girl grew into a beautiful lady. She was sixteen. The wife remembered the promise she made with the giant. She told Timun Mas to go to the forest and hide there. She gave her a bag of magic salt.

“Don’t forget to throw the salt when the giant chases you,” cried the wife to Timun Mas.

Not long after that, the giant came and asked the spouse for Timun Mas. They refused to tell the giant about Timun Mas. The giant was angry and went to the forest.

“Timun Mas!!!!! Timun Mas!!!!” screamed the giant.

Timun Mas heard the giant’s voice and ran as fast as she could. However, the giant found her. She remembered what her mother told her to do. She threw the salt to the ground and the forest turned into a muddy field. The mud swallowed the giant.

Finally, Timun Mas could go back to her house and live happily with the spouse.

Moral of the story: There are two things that we can learn from this story. First, do not promise something if you cannot keep one. Second, be brave just like when Timun Mas faced the giant.

Contoh Narrative Text Horror

Ini adalah contoh narrative text bertemakan horor.

1. The Red House

One time in a small town, there was a red house that was abandoned by the owner. People believed that it was a haunting house. They heard a story about the kids who went missing after they played football in the red house’s area. That was why people would not let their children be around the red house.

Robby and the other kids were curious about the red house. They did not believe that the house was haunted. They planned to get inside the house this friday night.

“Are you crazy? You won’t be able to get out once you are in,” said one friend.

Robby and the group did not care about it. They insisted on going.

“Are guys ready?” asked Robby to his friends.

“The red house does look creepy, Robby,” murmured Antonio.

“It is just a house, okay?” Robby responded.

Robby, Antonio, and the other friends had prepared flashlights and baseball bats. It was 11 p.m. when they got in the red house.

It was all dark. Robby told the group to turn on the flashlights. They were surprised to see what was inside the house. The stuff were in good condition and the room was neat and clean. 

“It looks like someone lives here. It does not look like an abandoned house,” said one kid to the group.

“I live here. Who are you?” a sudden voice of an old man was heard.

The group was scared to death and ran to the front door. The door was locked, so they could not open it. In a flash, the lamp was turned on. An old man was standing there. 

“Please, let me out. I did not mean to bother you,” said Robby while shaking.

“Do not take my soul, Mr. Ghost. I am begging you,” followed Antonio and the group, “Help…..help…..”

“Ssshhh…what are you talking about? A ghost? I was sleeping until you all came,” the old man was confused why the kids were in his house.

The kids, one by one, opened their eyes and realized that it was not the voice of a ghost. The old man explained that this house was not haunted. He had been living here for a long time. He did not get to socialize with other people because he was too busy at work. The story about the missing kids was not true. The kids were his sons. They were not missing, they moved out to a bigger house. 

From that time, people were not afraid anymore to get close to the red house.

Moral of the story: Do not judge anything from the cover. There is always a reason behind that.

Bagaimana sobat Studio Literasi? Lengkap sekali bukan contoh-contoh narrative text di atas? Coba pelajari satu-satu, ya. Cheers!

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    Kalau pada cermin cekung, sifatnya konvergen. Nah, pada Cermin cembung, sebuatannya sebagai cermin divergen. Lantaran termasuk jenis cermin yang permukaannya melengkung ke luar seperti bola. Sehingga memiliki sifat-sifat khusus yang berbeda dari cermin datar dan cermin cekung. Artikel ini bakal mengulas secara mendalam mengenai beberapa aspek, termasuk bentuk, sifat, rumus, contoh soal serta penerapannya dalam […]
    Pesawat sderhana Bidang miring, sebuah materi biasanya kamu dapatkan saat berada pada kelas 8 SMP. Cakupan materinya paling meliputi definisi, cara kerja, jenis benda hingga penggunaan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Sedangkan kalau SMA (IPA) masuknya dalam mata pelajaran Fisika pembahasannya lebih detail, terdapat rumus untuk menghitungnya. Semua itu bakal terbahas secara lengkap melalui artikel ini. Barangkali […]


    Tenses masih menjadi penghambat utama saat belajar Bahasa Inggris. Pasalnya kita dituntut untuk menguasai berbagai jenis tenses dan masing-masing memiliki fungsinya berdasarkan waktu kamu melakukan kegiatan. Karena kalau salah, maka dapat mempengaruhi susunan atau lanjutan kalimat berikutnya.  Bahkan bisa terjadinya misscom lantaran hanya kesalahan dalam memakai tenses. Tapi tenang, sebenarnya masih ada beberapa cara mudah […]
    Sifat-sifat gelombang bunyi merupakan salah satu dari sekian materi yang termasuk dalam kelompok IPA. Bahkan, kita sudah mulai mendapatkannya sejak berada level Sekolah Dasar (SD). Pas banget, Studio Literasi menuliskan artikel ini khusus tentang sifat-sifat gelombang bunyi buat yang sedang atau akan mempelajarinya. Yuk, persiapkan dirimu dengan menambah pengetahuan ilmu tersebut dengan membacanya! Gelombang Bunyi […]
    Tekanan zat cair atau tekanan hidrostatis merupakan salah satu konsep utama dalam fisika yang memiliki peran penting dalam berbagai aspek kehidupan. Terutama jika berkaitan dengan kedalaman dan air. Melalui artikel ini Sobat Literasi bakal mengetahui beberapa aspek tentang tekanan zat cair, mulai dari definisi, sifat-sifatnya, hingga penerapannya pada  berbagai macam bidang. Definisi Tekanan Zat Cair […]